Scores for Daily Living | Seven Variations + One, Compression of Eight
«I hear you» ( Jeg hører deg ), at Kunstmuseet, Nord-Trøndelag (2018)
Hidden Lines of Space, at Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (2017)

For Scores for Daily Living, I was inspired to explore the floor plan as a script based on its inherent relationship to socio-spatial dynamics. I drew from the floor plan of the Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz as the preliminary model for my research. I studied its choreographic intention to develop an alternative floor plan: drawings in the form of scores, notations or instructions, and as dramaturgy for a set of actions in space. I produced a series of arrangements to cultivate a system to illuminate the interdependency between movement and form, human and social-living space - a cathartic and intimate negotiation between bodies and the structures that contain them. These works were presented for an initial exhibition held in Berlin in the summer of 2017, and performed as a solo for "I hear you" (Jeg hører deg) Kunstmuseet, Nord-Trøndelag, February 24 - March 03, 2018.

 SFDL I - VIII   Kunstmuseet, Nord-Trøndelag 2018