Plastic Optimism:
A Practice in Enabling Constraints

Plastic Optimism

An ability to adjust to ones surroundings
to utilize structure as a means to propel oneself forward
towards invention

Enabling Constraints

A method utilized to provide structure to chaos
to present clarity amidst a proliferation of obstructions

A stubborn curiosity
to engage with the boundaries that contain
to press up against borders
to consider seemingly concrete forms as malleable

Certain determination
Subtle shifts of spatial design
Agility upon encountering obstacles along a meandering

You fall into a hole, the next time you encounter the gap,
you perceive it, but still tumble within,
meeting the opening a third time,
you observe it, pass along side, evading the collapse,
only to trip into the next

A process of thinking through movement
Improvise with perceived limitations


An intention that informs the decision regarding
a movement
Towards a certain disruption of spatial order
A methodology

Pass through form to recognize its function

A certain fondness for incongruity
Abstract articulations
Kinesthetic negotiations

Neurological acrobatics