Kranich-Aufzucht-Kostüm / Crane Rearing Costume
Pappmaché, Baumwollstoff / Paper Maché, Cotton cloth

Photo Credits: LOOK design / Kranich Museum

Cranes quickly adapt to human contact. To raise cranes in captivity human-animals dress in costume rearing outfits so that the chicks will imprint on the costume and except the character as a parent. This technique is necessary to insure the proper upraising of young cranes in preparation for their release into the wild after they have reached maturity. The costume is composed of a loose white gown that covers the human form, with additional hood and mask to disguise the face. This form of camouflage is equipped with wooden or paper maché crane heads employed to feed the young birds, and to encourage them to fly, mate, and migrate. The crane rearing costume aids biologists in their efforts to save the crane bird from extinction.