Subcutaneous ‘Ha-has’ and the Evolution of Polymorphic Animalcules (2014)
Botanical Drift: Walking Kew Gardens, London
w/ Kim Berit Heppelmann (Container)


Photo: Takako Hesegawa

Subcutaneous ‘Ha-has’ and the Evolution of Polymorphic Animalcules is a field study of the ephemeral and chaotic ‘nature’ of sensory and communicative organisms. A creature performs ‘field science’ inspired by the survival tactics of Marianne North, while simultaneously engaging with a critical analysis of Darwin’s theories on evolution and adaptation. Shaped by life form observations of the micro and macro systems of the Kew Gardens context, a subsequent magnification of the contents becomes visible through movement. At times grotesque, this being is characterized by an active problem-solving behavior as it is observed adapting to its environment. Between a watercolor and an oil painting this study is expressed through gesture.

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