Ankyloglossia (2012)
Berlin.Status(2), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2013)

… insect, multiple, trunk, word, form, tongue, worm, wood, maggot, repeat, negate, monstrous, branch, causation, compress, shape, shift, site, sense, will, agency, society, adapt, cellular, function, fear, pile, sort, cold, cold, configure, join, test, abstract, formulate, reconfigure, disrupt, perspective, darkness, convergence, connect, relation, articulate, mechanism, define, categorize, topple, no matter, twig, repeat, stone, sand, whistle, wind, drop, dribble, pour, maker, bridge, instruct, set, upon, inside, diagram, gesticulate, perspective, forgotten, certainty, undoing …


These works are presented in their entirety as a collection of parts, a theatrical curiosity cabinet that reflects multiple systems of thinking through movement.


The Whole Extent

Being to Leap