An Archive of Accident Gestures (2011)
Four Monitor HD Video Installation

Photo Credits: Kai Meyer

I presented an open invitation to people to tell me an anecdote. I asked them to tell me this story twice. The first time I had them tell me the tale without any former preparation. The second time I asked them to concentrate their intention on telling me the account with their hands. I have entitled these two narrations, Archive I and Archive II. The variations are played back simultaneously, one beside the other, to highlight the differences in duration and hand motions. The film focuses solely on their hands and although the stories are recorded the voice of the teller is not heard. I have transcribed their stories and separated the text from the physical telling. It is the gestures that I want to place emphasis on. However, the text remains and is played back on separate monitors, asking the viewer to choose whether or not they want to read the text or observe the hands and their movements.