Single channel video with sound,
freestanding screen, with red,
green and blue theatre lights.
In collaboration with Emma W. Howes.
Music: Meshuggah, “I”, from the album I,
Nuclear Blast, 2006
Dimensions: 300x169cm (freestanding screen)

Exhibition venue: Smart Project Space, Amsterdam, NL, 2010.

A 21-minute endurance performance (shot in one continuous take without any effects or editing in post-production) that follows the event by focusing solely on the shadows of the dancer’s body thrown by coloured spotlights. At rare moments, a hand or a wave of hair from the dancer does enter the screen. Meshuggah’s epic-length track, “I”, from which the video is titled, is a rare brand of thrash metal that combines Classical (diatonic) and Modern (12-tone, symmetrical, synthetic, morphology, jazz, extension) harmonic and rhythmic material with the characteristic yelling from the vocalist.